We help utilities leverage their meter data to give customers the experience and control they want.


Our unique approach using prepay drives proven results for our customers.

We know utilities are increasingly facing disruptive market challenges. Technology is changing the way customers interact with the world and their utilities. We partner with utilities and anticipate future technology trends to help utilities interact with their customers more effectively through technology.


We increase customer satisfaction.


We improve financial performance.


We increase customer engagement.


We help achieve energy efficiency goals.


Informed customers are highly satisfied customers.

Technology is revolutionizing the world of utility and customer relations. With MyUsage you can put more information in your customers’ hands and provide them with better tools to answer their own questions without having to call you. We help you give your customers the power to help themselves.

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Enable your customers to get out of the debt cycle and pay off overdue balances gradually through manageable payment options. We have helped customers keep their services on while helping utilities collect nearly $200 of debt per customer that would have otherwise been unrecoverable.

By empowering customers with more effective payment options, utilities will decrease their bad debt risk and gain greater predictability and control over their bad debt write-offs.

Customers will pay smaller bills more frequently and keep their finances current with their usage. This leads to a much faster meter-to-cash process and significantly improved financials.


Prepay is a smarter way to pay.

MyUsage provides customers fast and easy methods to pay as frequently and as much as they want. With MyUsage, it takes seconds to pay through a smart phone app, the Internet, over the phone or while visiting one of over 500,000 retail locations worldwide. Whether paying by cash, credit card or gift card, your customers can pay on the schedule and within the budget that best fits their lifestyle.

Mobile payments in seconds with the push of a button.

Retail Payments while shopping for groceries, filling up with gas, or grabbing a quick bite to eat.

Turn your most challenging customers into your champions.

MyUsage improves your relationship with your customers by creating a daily dialogue with them.  With MyUsage, your customers will receive personalized reminders when, how and as frequently as they like so that they know what their usage and balance are and when they need to make a payment.

Typically 20% of customers generate 80% of frequent and expensive customer service calls.

Significantly reduce the number of customer service calls related to balance and payment questions.

Turn your most challenging customers into your champions.

MyUsage gives customers the tools to manage their usage without feeling confused or overwhelmed. With MyUsage, your customers will see their daily usage correlated directly with their daily spend and they will feel more in control and empowered to manage their utility bill.

Your customers will see how usage translates into daily dollars.

Meet energy efficiency goals with an average energy conservation of 11% across MyUsage users.

Turn your most challenging customers into your champions.


Take the guesswork out of the utility bill.

Technology is revolutionizing the world of utility and customer relations. Never has it been easier to strengthen relationships with customers. With MyUsage you can leverage your smart meter investments for a deeper, richer, more satisfying relationship that makes customers feel appreciated and empowered.






Each utility is unique.

MyUsage is great because of the people that I have worked with and how open they are to the changes and customizations in our product and what we needed to accomplish. They saw us as special in our own way and they addressed us that way. We were not just another cookie cutter company.

Michael Faulk Memphis Light, Gas and Water

Prepay is a smarter way to pay.

We consider prepaid to be a win-win-win. It’s a win for the utility; the customers are no longer a financial risk. It’s a win for the customers enrolled in the program that the power is in their hands. And it’s a win for our other customers that are not enrolled in the program, because it stabilizes rates.

Chad Lynch Ocala Utility Services

Relationships matter.

We find that the customers struggling to pay their utility bills are struggling because the bill came as a surprise at the end of the month. With MyUsage, every day the customers are aware of their energy usage, consumption and cost, so it helps them to balance the money budgeted for utility services.

Brian Pippin JEA